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Katahdin visitor-facing businesses and organizations are invited to access the forms below (select “Place” or “Event”) and submit their listing for review by KTP.

Digital Tourism Directory (Public)

Once submitted, KTP staff will review information provided for the directory, format as needed, reach out if further information is required, and publish your free directory listing. 

If your organization hosts any events that are open to visitors, please fill out an additional “Event” form. Places that are not businesses or organizations will be added later in 2024 and 2025 – trail heads, boat launches, view points, parks, etc.

Development Survey (Private)

Identifying survey information (bottom half of the “Place” form below & 4 questions on the “Event” form below) will be kept private within the KTP. Anonymized and aggregated survey information will be shared with development partners. Summary information will be shared with the public. The information will be used for: 

1. destination assessment for development planning

2. to begin the branding process toward a robust destination marketing and management plan

The digital directory will be released in Spring 2024.

To access the form, please select either "Place" or "Event".
You do not need to register an account to complete either form.

Your listing details

Registration is not required to complete a listing.
Basic Info & Management Contact
You are invited to list your business/organization to help us create a visitor information service/directory for the Katahdin tourism destination. Registering for an account is not required to complete and submit this form. This directory is designed exclusively for visitors to our region. This listing is free to businesses and organizations. The KTP will help finalize and manage your listing. Please leave the best administrative contact information for ongoing management of this listing below. Once submitted and finalized, the KTP will reach out throughout the year with tourism updates. Questions and future updates/changes can be directed to Below the listing questions there are several survey questions. The responses to the survey questions will not be made public with any identifying information, and will be very valuable to assessing destination development needs. - Thank you!
Enter the name of the person/s for KTP to contact about this listing for updates, questions, etc.
Enter the best phone number for the KTP to call about updates, questions, etc. for this listing
Enter the best e-mail for the KTP to use for ongoing management of this listing. This email will also receive ongoing destination development information.
A very short, 1 sentence tagline that describes your services. Something that will catch your visitors' eyes? This will also improve Search Engine Optimization/ranking. Example "Authentic Mexican food in downtown XYZ"
Note: 300 words is ideal for Search Engine Optimization. Please make sure that you enter all of your information, important keywords, services, products, business history, and any details for a quality user experience. Make sure to include details about any "categories" you choose below. EXAMPLE
NOTE: Think of this listing as a glossy brochure for this organization. Good quality pictures are critically important.
Start with "HTTP://" or other appropriate URL protocol identifier
Please list each social media account for your business or organization that you would like visitors to see.
Please leave a detailed note under the 'If Seasonal" section if you have unique hours or seasonality that can't be expressed accurately under "Work Hours" or "Seasonality".
(e.g. From June 1st to October 15 | or Snowmobile Season)
Enter the precise business address "215 Penobscot Avenue, Millinocket, 04462 ME"
Please choose all that apply. This functionality will be important for visitor choices. Please also ensure details about your categories are contained within your description. E.g. - If you choose the "Ice Cream" category, but only have pre-packaged ice creams, please indicate that in your description to avoid visitor disappointment.
Please add anything relevant to your listing that was not captured in the fields above.
The information you provide within this survey will be used for destination development planning purposes. It will not be part of the digital directory listing, or be available to the public. Identifying information will be kept private to the KTP. Aggregated and anonymized data from this survey will be shared with regional destination development partners and anonymous summary data will be shared with the public.
Please give a %. If exact numbers aren't available, estimations are requested.
Is there any further information you'd like to share?
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